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See how Wingpeople can help you find better dates


Define your Taste

"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" Wiki
Never could this old proverb ring more true than now, for it is the fundamental principle of ChainDate.


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How does ChainDate work?

ChainDate is the world's first Crowdsourced matchmaking site. ChainDate learns your taste in people and matches you only with those that you define as "Your Type", and only with those that think you are theirs.

On ChainDate, you get your own virtual Wingpeople, that help you find better Matches. As you rate profiles, ChainDate finds you wing people - other users who have Similar Taste.

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a very powerful concept, harnessing the collective decision making power of a group of people. Everyone is familiar with TV game shows where contestants have a chance to Ask the Audience when they don't know the correct answer. The audience votes and more often than not, the concensus is the right answer.

ChainDate takes that concept and brings you Crowdsourced Match Making, with virtual Wingpeople.

There is no magic algorithm, its run by People for People, using real human emotions and opinions. The way ChainDate make it all work, however, is almost magic!

Who are my Wingpeople?

Every member on ChainDate automatically gets Wingpeople, other users that have similar taste in profiles. This similarity is determined in real time based on your Ratings. ChainDate constantly finds you new and better wing people based on your changing taste.

When your Wingpeople discover new profiles that they like, ChainDate can predict that you will like them too, because ChainDate knows that your Wingpeople are basically looking for the same thing as you.

With Wingpeople, its like you have your own Entourage relentlessly scouring the Internet on your behalf!

What if my taste changes?

No worries, ChainDate will automatically find you new suitable Wingpeople.

How can my friends help me find dates?

You can invite your friends by email or through Facebook. Once they become your Wingpeople, you can review each other's ratings and compare your taste similarities. Not all your friends can help you though. Only those that have a similar taste as you!

I'm not single but I'd like to help my single friend...

God bless you! :)

You can become a Matchmaker. As a Matchmaker, you will rate profiles just like anyone would, but your pictures won't be shown to anyone else, so you will remain Invisible to others. Your ratings, however, will help your single friends find better Matches!

You can invite your Single friends through Facebook.

Is it free?

Membership is free.

We only charge a small introduction fee of $1 when you want to connect with someone. No commitment is necessary! You get build your profile, rate profiles and get Matched for free. When you review your matches, you decide who you'd like to talk to.

Accepting the introduction is free. Only one person pays the introductino fee, the one who initiates it.

Your introduction is refundable, if the person you sent it to Rejects it for any reason.

Can I contact people directly?

Yes, but only if you are each other's type and you are Matched. See, ChainDate reduces the inbox clutter by only allowing people that like each other to be contacted.

Who can contact me?

Your Matches can contact you any time. When you get an Introduction request, accept it, its free!